Welcome To My Blog

Welcome to William Campbell Jr: A Different Perspective—Mine. If you can accept the notion, at least temporarily, that the world is basically a huge convoluted Idea, built upon and supported by the ideas each of its inhabitants has about it, then it’s easy to accept another notion: changing our ideas about the world actually changes the world. It’s hardly a new notion (there really isn’t anything new under the sun), but it seems to be something we either don’t understand, and/or don’t want to accept. I’ll talk more about that in depth, very soon. What this blog is about (that is to say, what I originally intend this blog to be about…and we all know how original intentions can be usurped by this thing called life) is the examination of ideas on how to look at the world we live in from a different perspective. I have very specific reasons for wanting to examine these ideas, and they are outlined on the pages entitled “What I Believe” and “What I Don’t Believe.”

Go ahead, take a look around. You’ll probably notice that the place looks like a house still under construction. It’ll probably look that way for a long time, since many of the ideas just beginning to surface are still quite undeveloped. That’s why I’d like you to visit as often as possible, for without your input, this is just another exercise in solipsism. I much rather prefer company, and lots of it. So, again, welcome. And thanks for visiting.